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February 2018 – Topic of Focus For this Month is Pre-Incident Planning.

NEWS: Zoll X Series Cardiac Monitor In Service CEUs.  EMT Online Refresher Now Available.  EMT Night Class in Progress.  JOIN SWMRFA Today!

Welcome to the Regional Fire Academy website.  Our mission is to provide assistance to gateway firefighters in professional development through education and training.  Through the many programs offered by SWMRFA, we are able to provide recruit academies, officer development, and monthly training plans.

In support of this cause, our efforts will be to provide assistance in helping you create and maintain your training program, maintaining ISO and NFPA

requirements, and properly tracking each training session.   Participating departments will have access to live burn training props, driving pad, extrication pad, and a newly constructed 4-story burn tower.

SWMRFA is working to partner with area fire departments to achieve this mission.  Representatives and Training officers from each organization will have valuable input for future needs assessments and programs offered.