Single Company Training Drills

  • ISO awards a total of 9 points, out of 100, for structure fire related training.
  • Company Training is worth 25% of your total training points.
  • Part of this value includes 16 hours of training, per member/per month, at the company level.
  • Our Company Level Training includes:
    • Basic Fire Training
    • Advanced Fire Training
    • Training Based on Current Trends and Research
    • Easy to Follow Lesson Plan

Company Training – Single Company Drill Format

  • Includes Topic
  • Fire House Code Suggestion
  • Training Objective
  • Lesson Plan
  • Shall Account for 2 Hours Training

Company Training Drills will range from table-top discussions to simple hands on drills.  Some company training will be of a more advanced nature and may require facilities.  Company training can be considered by ISO as facilities usage, however, you may not be able to gain dual credit.